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01 > INTEGRAMOS DISEÑO Y MEDIO AMBIENTE_We integrate design and environment

Nuestra faceta técnica de ingeniería ambiental y arquitectura se complementa con una fuerte componente de comunicación y diseño.

Our work in recent years has led us to understand the importance of combining technical expertise and design. Communication is a very important factor in the plans and projects developed by CERCLE.

Our technical approach to environmental engineering and architecture is complemented by a strong component of communication and design.

With over 10 years of experience in landscape planning and projects and of using tools such as the SOFIA program that allows us to drive project management in a transparent and efficient way, Cercle combines rigor and creativity in equal parts.


02> ABARCAMOS PLANES Y PROYECTOS QUE VAN DEL TERRITORIO AL DETALLE_We encompass plans and projects ranging from territory to fine detail

Nuestra experiencia en planes y proyectos nos permite abordar, tanto trabajos en la escala territorial,  como ejecutar proyectos que requieren un cuidado especial en la definición del detalle.

Cercle works the landscape from the territorial scale to the small details. The Cercle team has developed action plans and studies on a territorial scale as well as environmental projects involving landscaping and architecture, as well as design of small-scale facilities and urban furniture.

Our experience in planning and projects allows us work to both in the territorial scale, as well as to run projects that require an acute attention to detail.

Cercle members have participated in plans and projects ranging from the large-scale development of Geographic Information Systems, to the design of urban furniture and small outdoor spaces, both permanent and ephemeral.


03 > TRABAJAMOS CON Y PARA LAS PERSONAS_We work with and for people

Las personas son el fin último de las acciones de CERCLE. Docencia, divulgación o participación  pública en planes y proyectos son parte de nuestra manera de atender los retos en paisaje y medio ambiente.

The CERCLE team is currently collaborating with 6 university masters students. Teaching, outreach and public participation enables us to situate technical issues in the social sphere and in doing so, develop plans and projects whose ultimate beneficiaries are the public.

Improving people’s lives is the ultimate aim of the actions of Cercle. Teaching, communication or public participation in plans and projects are part of our approach to meeting the challenges in landscape and environment.

New technologies in participation and training inform our approach to connecting people to the landscape. From 2015 Cercle will boast its own training centre, IN-OUT, specialising in territory and landscape and located in the Ciutat Vella, the historic centre of Valencia.


150401_ banda 100x30mm BYN2